Qualitative Market Research

Wonder how products get on shelves, TV ads made, or TV shows created?

Qualitative Market Research

Companies test ideas before committing to spending a lot of money, by asking consumers for input. That’s where you come in. Share your opinions and get rewarded. Check out our market research topics and participating companies.

What is a market research focus group?

A group of around eight people who share similar habits, like drinking the same coffee or reading the same newspaper, are led by a moderator, who is neutral and not employed by the client.

The moderator initiates the discussion on specific topics, and compiles a report based on the opinions and feelings expressed by the group. Reports are phrased in general terms, not attributing specific views to specific people. There are no right or wrong answers, and all opinions are respected.

Participants find the experience stimulating, enjoyable, and fun, as well as an opportunity to have their opinions heard and acted upon. The product or advertisement being discussed could eventually appear in the supermarket or on TV.

Due to the pandemic, most of the projects are now held online, using platforms like Zoom or other virtual meeting tools, with occasional in-person meetings.

What are the advantages of focus groups for customer research?

Your opinions are very important because you are the users of the products or services and so are uniquely placed to comment on them.

Companies want the chance to discuss their products and services in depth and this type of qualitative research gives them valuable insights into their products/services, their customers and their market.


Companies want to increase their chances of success with the products/services so gathering customer opinion is very valuable to them.

The sorts of things that they can learn from people like you:

  • What customers or potential customers think and feel about your product / service
  • How customers choose between different products or suppliers
  • What motivates customers’ choices
  • How branding, design and packaging influence customers
  • What sort of marketing messages are the most positive
  • What sort of marketing messages do customers or potential customers dislike
  • How making a decision is influenced by price
  • Whether there is demand for the companies proposed new product or service

Paid market research – why might you want to participate?

Make a difference by informing policies or programmes

Have your opinions heard and respected by companies

Share your unique experiences and perspectives

Contribute to scientific knowledge and inform future research and interventions

Gain self-understanding through self-reflection and exploration

Receive compensation for participation (typically between £40-£60 for a one and a half to two hour group session)



Interested in taking part in market research focus groups?

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